Mrs. Graves' Classroom Website


Our class page is where you will find upcoming events, classroom information, spelling lists, due dates for projects, and schedules! Keep checking back as information will be updated periodically! 

Upcoming Events & Project Due Dates

*Maps Testing the week of Jan 13th!

*Early Out: 1-23-2020, lunch will be sreved

*No school: 1-24-2020

*No school: 1-29-2020

*Early Out: 2-12-2020

*No school: 2-17-2020


Specials Schedule

Monday-- Art 

Tuesday-- PE (make sure you bring tennis shoes)

Wednesday-- Music

Thursday-- Computers

Friday-- Library

Weekly Spelling List

Week of 2/3/2020                          Week of 2/17/2020                             

famous                                            brain

radar                                                staircase

razor                                                 domain

vacancy                                            praise

besdie                                              trainer

beyond                                            oatmeal

defend                                             beneath

delay                                                repeat

demand                                           reveal

prevent                                            increase

secret                                               sneak

veto                                                  boast

bison                                                afloat

diver                                                 croak

cider                                                 compound

silence                                             discount

clover                                               speed

spoken                                             sleeve

stolen                                               sheep

tulip                                                  baboon


ELA- English Language Arts

 Unit, Week 4 we explore wonders in the sky. Our Essentential Question is: How do you explain what is in the sky? We read information text about the sky and what we see. We will explain what we see based on the readings in our text

Unit 4, Week 5 we explore achievements in relation to writing. Our Essential Question is: How do writers look at success in different ways? We will explore through stories and informational text how writers develop their writing in successful ways.

Unit 5, Week 1 we learn how to make things happen. Our Essential Question is: In what ways do people show they care about each other? Through stories we learn how helping and caring about each other is an important part of being a good community member. We will see how making things happen in our communities helps and shows others how we care.

We are working our writing skills with the RACES program. Students are learning to write responses to questions and prompts that will help them in their daily work, SBAC testing, and life! Editing and revising their writing is an important life skill. They are learning to communicate effectively through wiriting.

Reading at home is a great way to exercise the brain and expand vocabulary! These also strengthen writing skills! Keep it up!


We are gearing up for long hand multiplication! We have learned about factors and multiples and are moving into prime and composite numbers! From there we will be learning how to multiply multi-digt numbers such as 23x16, 487x 49! Once we have mastered this we move into long hand division such as 76 divided by 8 and 941 divided by 3! Be sure to brush up on your basic multiplication facts as there will not be a multiplication chart to use!!


We have built our first hand cranked altenators and tested how much power they generate using electromagnatism! We will move into testing them with differnt gauges of wire, number of times the wire needs to wrapped and then test the new altenators. We have been building our devices for the altenators and testing them! Some have met with success and some not. We are now working on getting them ready for our STEM Fest boards!!

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our studies on the Midwest. Next is the last of the Regions in the United States-The Plains States! This is where we will be able to explore our home state of Nevada more! Nevada history and geography will wrap up our unit on the United States!