Behavior Expectations

School & Classroom Expectations:
On task

  Positive Behavior System (PBIS):

The school has implemented a new behavior plan this year that is coordinated with the district.  It is called the PBIS  system and it focuses on rewarding positive behavior.  The students were each given a lanyard with a scan code at the beginning of the year.  Every day the students will earn points for meeting expectations, showing good character, and having excellent behavior.  Those points will then be redeemed for rewards.  The rewards could come in the form of items they can get from the classroom store, school store (that will be coming soon), or for treats from the cafeteria etc...   Because First Graders like rewards they can "See" we also reward them with stickers/stamps for their points.  The sticker/stamps are collected in their planner. 

The classroom rules and expectations will be thoroughly discussed, modeled, and reviewed the first few weeks of school.  If a child is having difficulty following a SOAR expectation they will be reminded of what the expectation is.  If they continue to have difficulty they will conference with the teacher.  If a child continues to still have difficulty then they will write the SOAR expectation that they are having trouble with in their planner.  This will indicate that your child has needed several reminders and redirections with an expectation.  We ask that if this occurs that you take time at home to review the expectation and how your child can work harder at following it.  Your child should have at least 3 stickers/stamps a day.  One for their morning responsibilities, one for Math/Science class, and one for Reading/Writing class.  If your child is missing a sticker it would indicate that they didn't compelte classwork or meet expecations in one of those area.   



Morning Responsibilities:

Check planner and folder for notes

put planner and folder in bin

If you have a lunch box put it in the bin

Move your class number to "school lunch" or "Lunchbox."

Put backpack in cubby

School Wide Consequences:

1. Reminder

2. 3-5 minutes away from group activity

3. Call home

Any treasure box donations would be greatly appreciated.  Every week we send 10 students to treasure box in addition to the students that earn 20 stickers.