Communication & Contacting us

Daily Communication: The planner is our main source of daily communication. It is necessary for your child to bring it to and from school every day. They also need to have their blue or red take home folder inside their planner.  Any notes regarding your child’s day at school, any health or behavior issues that may need to be addressed, will be briefly noted in the planner. We will send any important notes from the office, which have to go home that day, in the blue or red take home folder. It is important that you initial the planner each night and communicate to us any pertinent information regarding your child such as changes in dismissal procedure for your child etc...  It is your child's responsibility to empty their folder each morning and notify us of any notes in their planner.  We will check them during the first month of school as we are helping them to learn this responsibility. 

Weekly Communication: Graded papers and other letters home will go home each Friday. They will be placed in the "Keep at home" section of the take home folder. Any items that need to be returned to school will be placed on that side of the folder.  The "Keep at home" section of the take home folder should be emptied before the following Friday.  It may be helpful to have a fodler at home to trasnfer papers to. 

Remind 101: We will also be utilizing Remind 101 for quick reminders. Papers with how to join went home at the beginning of the year.  If you missed getting one plese contact your child's Homeroom teacher.  There are codes for both teachers, so we can contact the opposite Homeroom class with curriculum reminders if needed.

Website - This will be the place to check for curriculum information, special dates, homeroom information, and other First Grade info.  We will notify you when something has been updated, but it will always be here for reference smiley

E-mail: You may also e-mail us if you need to ask us a question or have a concern.

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