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At Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we use Core Knowledge in our middle school classes.  This page is for the students of Mrs. Milligan's sixth grade art classes.

 Baroque Test A  Rococo Test A Neoclassic & Romantic Art Test A Realism Test A 
 Baroque Test B Rococo Test B Neoclassic & Romantic Art Test B Realism Test B 
 Baroque Test C Rococo Test C Neoclassic & Romantic Art Test C Realism Test C 

 Baroque Test D

 Rococo Test D Neoclassic & Romantic Art Test D Realism Test D 

DIRECTIONS:  Click on the link above to access your version of the test.  All corrections on answer sheets MUST be done in PEN (any color).

 Review Notes Rococo and Versailles


Please email me at amilligan@rmcacs.org if you have any questions.Smile

Last update: 2011-05-11