Supply List

Below is a general list of supplies your child will need for the school year. In addition I will send home wish lists for classroom necessities (such as snack items) on an as needed basis.

1. Backpack - large enough to fit a folder and miscellaneous personal items.

2. Two complete changes of clothes, one for warm weather and one for cold weather, placed in gallon sized zip-top bags which have been clearly labeled with your child's name. Please make sure that each article of clothing is also clearly labeled with your child's name.

3. Blanket and pillow for nap time. These will be sent home on the last day of the week for washing. Please be sure to return them for the following week as the classroom gets very cold during naptime.

4. A light jacket to wear in the classroom.

5. 1 box of tissues

6. 1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

7. 1 package of baby wipes

8. 1 box of gallon sized zip-top bags

9. Clean plastic grocery bags

10. Any personal items your child may need such as diapers, additional baby wipes, etc.