Additional Assignments

Occasionally, we have families that take their children on vacations during the school year or must go out of town due to unexpected emergencies. In those instances, parents have requested additional assignments for their children. This is the page to refer to when you find yourself in one of these situations.

1. Journal Entry: Children should write at least one page for each day absent from school. For kindergarten, the child can draw a picture then dictate a few sentences to an adult to write what they did that day. (As the year progresses, I encourage the children to "sound out" what it is he/she would like to write as opposed to the adult writing the entire thing).

2. Practice reading sight words (Word Wall Words) on index cards

3. Read Environmental Print signs...child can make a book of all places they have been that he/she can identify by looking at the sign. (McDonalds, Zoo, etc)...cut and paste travel guides, menus, CLEAN food bags, wrappers, etc.

4. Practice math facts, identifying coins and values, tell time to the hour