Autobiography By: Minnett Woody

       Hello my name Minnett Woody. I was born in Richmond VA but I grew up in 

Montpelier VA. I have an older sister and a younger brother. My mother was a single

mom who raised my sister,  brother, and I. The high school that I attended and

received my diploma from was Patrick Henry High School. My love for children began

at a young age. When I attended church as a teenager I helped out with Sunday

school. Growing up I did occasional babysitting for young children. 

      During my high school years I took courses to help out in the 1/2 day Preschool program

which led to my first job at the age of 15 working at a childcare center. Working at Kiddi

Kingdom in Ashland VA was where I made the choice to pursue Early Childhood Education in

college. My strengths include that I am passionate, creative, motivated, dedicated, a

hard worker and reliable. Having great customer service skills as well as knowledge is

what makes me a great person to work with children and families. My personal hobbies include

babysitting, crafting and photography. I am interested in working with children in many different

settings such as public schools, childcare centers, helping out in children homes, etc..

     My dream was to become the Education Coordinator at the center I work for now. I am proud

to say that goal has been accomplished now. I recently got that promotion. Now I am learning

my new role. My new dream is to one day own my own childcare center but first I would like

to gain experience as a Director of a center some day. I am taking this training in hopes to learn

more about working with young children and the local resources out there. I am eager to

have more knowledge of all of the research and resources that are out there.  After I get my
Associates Degree I would like to go back and take extra courses and one day seek a Bachelors

Degree. My job also offers to pay for the CDA program so that is something else that I am

looking into. But for now I'd like to focus on my new role as Education Coordinator. 



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