Chinese Paladin IV

There was a noise in the hall. Liu Shifeng, who was sitting and tasting tea, excitedly put the teacup heavily on the table and shouted, "Pei Jian, what did you say?"? Lier is back?! He was so overjoyed that he stood up in a hurry. Ruan Ci, who was beside him, was also very happy. "Lier is back," he said hurriedly. "Where is she?"? Let Niang have a look. The voice did not fall, Pei Jian and Tianhe people have entered the hall, Liu Shifeng suddenly saw the daughter in front of Tianhe for several months, excited in the heart, walked quickly to the "dream glass" in front, surprised to call: "glass son, you can count back.. Last time you left in a hurry, Dad missed you badly. He was so overjoyed that he couldn't help shedding tears in his eyes. Regardless of his status as a county magistrate, he sobbed in front of Tianhe and others, holding his daughter's hand and sobbing about his yearning these days. Next to him, Ruan Ci quickly took out his handkerchief and wiped away his tears. "Look at you, sir, you're so old, and you're still like a child.." As he spoke, he looked at his daughter happily. Liu Shifeng noticed his gaffe and smiled awkwardly at her. He still held the hand of "Meng Li" tightly and refused to let go. He said, "Li'er, how are you these days? Are you happy to live in the'Qionghua School '? Did you eat well? Did you sleep well? The Martial Uncle and the elders in the school, how do they treat you? Have you ever let you go down the mountain to get rid of the demon? Is there any danger? Li'er?! Looking at her daughter's indifferent face, she felt a sudden panic and shook her hand in horror: "Lier,inflatable castle with slide, what's wrong with you?"? Say something. Ruan Ci's face was full of surprise. "Tianhe, what's wrong with Lier?" He asked. Pei Jian also looked at the crowd in confusion, Tianhe looked at Liu Shifeng and his wife's anxious face, a burst of hair blocked in the heart, unable to speak. Ling Sha shook her head sadly and said with a sigh, "Uncle Liu, Aunt Liu, let me explain to you.." She, she is not dream glass, just a puppet of dream glass,Inflatable indoor park, really dream glass in another place. Liu Shifeng shook his whole body and let go of his hands. He looked at Lingsha in surprise and said hurriedly, "You say, you say this Lier, she's a puppet. Is she a fake?"? What about the real Lier? Where is she? Why don't you come back with you? Ling Sha lowered her head and could not bear to answer. Seeing Liu Shifeng, the more she asked, the more anxious she became. After a long time, she said sadly, "Meng Li.." She said goodbye to us. Then from that night the dream glass suddenly left, they went to the ghost world to find the shadow branch, and then entered the demon world to find her, together to resist the invasion of Qionghua faction, until the dream glass took over the position of the Lord of the fantasy world, and once again separated from the people to Liu Shifeng and others briefly narrated again. Ling Sha said these, he is already too uncomfortable to speak, but see Liu Shifeng and his wife's face, is also extremely unwilling to believe, but have to believe the feelings of grief and misery. Holding back tears, Ruan Ci murmured, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable bounce house with slide, "You said that Li'er became the master of the'demon world '?"? She, she, too. Liu Shifeng shook his head sadly and said to her, "Madam, no matter what the identity of Li'er is, isn't she our daughter?" It's a pity, Lier, why did you leave at the beginning. How nice it would be if you stayed at home with us forever. Ling Sha shook her head slightly and lamented, "Uncle Liu, we are all very sad to be separated from Meng Li.". Dream glass she is also very uncomfortable, very reluctant to leave us. But she had to do that, because it was her home, and all of them needed her protection. Dream glass she also has her responsibility, there is something she must do, that is her mission, even if again sad, again reluctant, will not turn back. She turned her head sadly and whispered, "When Meng Li left, she asked Tianhe to bring you something.." Tianhe closed his eyes sadly and slowly took out the sachet packed with Li Vanilla from his bosom. He whispered to Liu Shifeng and his wife, "Liu Bobo, Liu Bobu, I'm afraid Mengli can't come back to see you again. She asked me to give you this sachet. Please forgive her for not being worthy of filial piety around you.." She also said, please Pei eldest brother for her slightly filial piety, she is over there, will always think of you two elders. With a bitter expression, Pei Jian sighed sadly, "Miss.." You can rest assured that I will take good care of the master and his wife. Alas, but Miss, how can you let us rest assured that you are alone over there. Liu Shifeng took the sachet tremblingly. Suddenly, his blood and blood rose. He shook his body and sat down in the chair. Seeing this, the people around him were frightened. Pei Jian hurried behind him and thumped him on the back a few times. He called out, "Sir!"! Lord After a while, Liu Shifeng breathed a sigh of relief and repeatedly lamented: "Lier, you had agreed that as long as you take this sachet, one day, you will return to your parents.." Lier, you are too cruel, how can you be willing to go like this, how can we parents accept it. As he spoke, he wailed unconsciously. Ruan ci also burst into tears, standing aside to comfort Liu Shifeng softly. Tianhe three people looked at Liu's husband and wife sad, the heart is also sad unceasingly, as if the dream glass once again left everyone in general, are bowing their heads. After a long time, Liu Shifeng stopped lamenting and waved his hand feebly to Tianhe and the others. "You can stay here today, my good nephew," he said in a low voice. My wife and I are going back to the house for a while, and I can't accompany you now. With the help of Pei Jian, he stood up shakily, supported each other with Ruan Ci, and walked step by step to the inner room. Feeling sad, they left the main hall silently and walked aimlessly in the mansion. Inadvertently, they came to the courtyard where they first met Mengli that night. Everyone's eyes brightened, but they saw an elegant small pavilion standing not far ahead. Several rows of peach trees were densely planted on both sides of the pavilion. Although the flowers and fruits had fallen, the leaves on the trees had not yet fallen. At first glance, they still retained some of the beauty of that day. As the three of them breathed, they felt that the garden was filled with a faint fragrance,Inflatable water obstacle course, which was particularly familiar. Their faces were stunned, and Tianhe's expression changed greatly. They lost their voice and said, "This fragrance.." Just like the one on Mengli. 。