Community Activity & Reflections


Ball of String

Students will stand in a circle, and pass the ball of string from one person to another.  The person holding the ball of string shares a thought/feeling, and is the only one that can speak.  After each member has taken a turn sharing, a web of string eventually forms within the circle and connect everyone together.  The web illustrates the interconnected nature of the group.  Students will learn that everything their actions and words has an affect on the class as a whole.


“I feel connected with my class.  I feel like we have a better understanding of each other.” – Indira


"I think this community activity taught me a lesson.  It showed me that whatever you do, it affects others.  The string represented our connection as a family. " - Dyshaun


“I think that it was very helpful so everyone can understand to act in a good way.  The string represented our behaviors.” 

- Jael


“I think the community activity was good because we got to know each other’s feelings.  It showed us how we are a family.”

- Michael


“I think this was the best activity we ever had.  I think it means if one person does something, it effects another.” – Gabriel


“I think that the activity gave us a chance to understand what happens when you disrupt our class.  The string represented how we are all connected.” – Nyasia


“For this community activity, I think that it was to get to know each other better.  I think the string represented our class symbol.” – Sofia


“I really like this activity.  It makes me feel connected to my classmates.” – Malazaeia


“For this community activity, I think it was about respect.  The string represented our community.” - Amaya


“I felt that it was the best one we ever did.  The string represented how we are all connected.” – Alton