Get Lost in a Good Book! 



 Every evening your child is required to read for fifteen minutes.  They should share a book with you, a relative, a friend or an older sibling.  They may also read independently a few times during the week.  The reading record will be in their Homework Folder and you should sign the sheet and write the name of the book that was read.  These records will be collected every Friday morning, and returned by the afternoon so that they may be used over the weekend. 


When your child is reading on their own, remind them of some of the strategies we practice in class:

When I come to a word I don’t know I…

·      look at the pictures.

·      think about the story.

·      get my mouth ready to say the word.

·      see what I know in the word.

·      go back and try again.

·      try a word and see if it makes sense, sounds right, and looks right.