Make practicing your spelling words fun!

Check out the ideas below, and give this website a try too!


spelling bee 

The following is a list of spelling activities that students can complete to help them practice their spelling words at home:

1.           Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.

2.         Write your spelling words in crayon. Write each consonant letter in red and each vowel in blue.

3.         Write the words and cross out all of silent letters.

4.         Make a set of flashcards for studying your words.

    5.         Write each spelling word three times.

6.         Write each spelling word in a rainbow of colors.  First, write the words with a red crayon. Trace over the words with a blue crayon. Finally, trace the words again with a green crayon.

7.      Write your words with all the letters scrambled up. Then ask a parent or sibling to unscramble the words in your notebook. Correct that person’s work.

8.    Write your spelling words in secret code. (Use the Secret Code Key)  Challenge a parent or sibling to use the code to decode each word. Correct their work.  Example: glad= 7-12-1-4

9.    Use each spelling word in a sentence.

10.    Take a practice test at home given by a parent.  Write any missed word 3 times each.   (Include a parent signature in your notebook.)

11.    Draw and color a picture. "Hide" the words in the picture. Please do not color over the words.

12.    Write your spelling words on cards (make two sets) and play "Memory Match" with them against a sibling or parent.  (Get a parent signature in your notebook.)

13.  Make and complete a word search using www.puzzlemaker.com

14.  Write your words by arranging the letters in alphabet pasta or Alphabits.  Glue them on paper or have a parent include a note in your spelling notebook and do it on a table or counter at home.

15.   Cut out letters from headlines or ads in newspapers or magazines. Use the letters to spell your spelling words. Paste the letters in your notebook.