Word of the Day

Word of the Day


Every morning we will discuss a new word of the day.  Throughout the week, the words will be related in meaning or a seasonal theme. 

We will look at the word to practice pronunciation, learn its meaning, and to search for smaller words within the larger word by scrambling the letters around.  For example:

Word of the Day: 


Meaning: To begin (This is our word on the first day of school)

How can we break this word into syllables to pronounce it?


What words can we make with these letters?






**You will be impressed with how differently your student will look at words, once they get the hang of this activity**


September 8

September 13friendship
September 14acquaintance
September 15companionship
September 16comradeship
September 17alliance
September 20weather
September 21temperature
September 22climate
September 23environment
September 24warmth
September 27falling
September 28harvest
September 29autumn
September 30seasonal
October 1festival
October 4annoyed
October 5irate
October 6livid
October 7irritated
October 8angry
October 12explore
October 13discover
October 14investigate
October 15traveling
October 18content
October 19pleased
October 20happily
October 21cheerful
October 25frightening
October 26terrifying
October 27alarming
October 28horrifying
October 29spooky
November 1election
November 2voting
November 3selection
November 4appointment
November 5choice
November 8veteran
November 9hero
November 10champion
November 12conqueror
November 15competition
November 16opposition
November 17antagonism

November 18

November 19struggle
November 22thankful
November 23gratitude
November 24appreciation
November 29freezing
November 30glacial
December 1chilly
December 2frosty
December 3arctic
December 6delicious
December 7appetizing
December 8scrumptious
December 9delectable
December 10luscious
December 13exhausted
December 14fatigued
December 15tired
December 16weary
December 17drained
December 20celebrate
December 21occasion
December 22rejoice
December 23joyful
January 3resolution
January 4decision
January 5declaration
January 6statement
January 7promise
January 10hilarious
January 11amusing
January 12entertaining
January 13uproarious
January 14mirthful
January 18freedom
January 19Independence
January 20liberty
January 21autonomy
January 24outspoken
January 25honest
January 26candid
January 27forthright
January 28straightforward
January 31burrow
February 1hideaway
February 2tunnel
February 3camouflage
February 4reveal
February 7president
February 8leader
February 9chief
February 10honorable
February 11organizer
February 14valentine
February 15Fondness
February 16appreciation
February 17dedication
February 18Affection
February 28secret
March 1covert
March 2undisclosed
March 3surreptitious
March 4clandestine
March 7helpful
March 8obliging
March 9accommodating
March 10supportive
March 11cooperative
March 14lucky
March 15fortunate
March 16leprechaun
March 17legend
March 18tradition
March 28courageous
March 29brave
March 30daring
March 31spirited
April 1audacious
April 4showers
April 5rainfall
April 6precipitation
April 7stormy
April 8planet
April 11satellite
April 12galaxy
April 13gravity
April 14constellation
April 15planets
April 26subtraction
April 27addition

April 28

April 29Counting
May 2matter
May 3liquid
May 4solid
May 5atmosphere
May 6properties
May 9floral
May 10blossom
May 11growing
May 12blooming
May 13flourish
May 16investment
May 17savings
May 18benefit
May 19reserves
May 20treasury
May 23career
May 24occupation
May 25vocation
May 26profession
May 27livelihood
May 31memorial
June 1commemorate
June 2remember
June 3venerate
June 6temperature
June 7scorching
June 8burning
June 9smoldering
June 10ablaze
June 13performance
June 14recital
June 15concert
June 16presentation
June 17appearance
June 20concluding
June 21ultimate
June 22finishing
June 23absolute
June 24final