What does the 4th grade have in store for me?

The fourth grade is lots of fun if you TRY YOUR BEST!  Tongue out

Here is a summary of some of the things we will be learning about this year:

MATH:  It is so important that each of you know your Math Facts.  Most of you should have learned these last year.  Almost all of our Math will have multiplication in it!  Study your Multiplication flash cards, write your math facts out and quiz your buddies for practice. 

We will also learn how to divide.  We will learn all about decimals, place value, fractions, measurement and graphs!  We will always find fun ways to learn about each of these topics! 

LANGUAGE ARTS:  This year we will read, read and read.  We are going to learn many skills that we need to understand what we read and also make it fun!  We will work in groups, play games, have read alouds and  even act out stories!

Writing is also an important part of our Language arts this year.  We are going to learn many ways to make our writing better and we will have fun doing it.  We will create and share stories with our class!

Spelling is very important to our writing and reading.  We will have a list almost every week to study and learn.  Tests will be on Thursdays.

Vocabulary is so important for preparing for our EOG's! We will have lists each week for vocabulary as well!  Tests will be on Fridays.

SCIENCE:  Science is one of my favorite subjects.  Students, you should look forward to many activities and experiments.  We learn about Animals, Rocks and Minerals, Electricity, Magnets, Nutrition and more!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  This year you will learn everything there is to know about North Carolina.  We will talk about regions, the people, culture, places to visit, everything you can imagine that there is to know about our state!