Classroom Rules

I have very high expectations of my students academically and behaviorally. I expect them to always be kind to one another and help each other succeed.  I will always call or write a note in their agenda if we have any issues.  I want you as the parent to always know what is going on in our class.

On the 1st day of school, the students and I will create a CLASSROOM CONTRACT.  We will create the rules together.  I expect the students to respect themselves, each other and myself.  I will always show this same respect to my students!  I like to lead by example!  Here some rules from last year.


1.  Always treat others the way you would like to be treated.

2.  Stay in your seat.

3.  Keep our room neat and clean.

4.  Always follow directions.

5.  Raise your hand before speaking.

6.  Try your best!!

7.  Be honest in all situations.

This years Rules are as follows:

Respect Everyone

Listen and Follow directions

Always try your best

Raise your hand

Be honest

Share and be Kind