About Miss Beck

About Me

My name is Emily Beck. I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Houston - Victoria. I am beginning my first year as a teacher and cannot wait to embark on this wonderful and fulfilling adventure!

My Philosophy of Education

I believe that every child can learn. Encouragement, patientce, persistance, and love are all necessary components to being an effective teacher. As a teacher, I must create a positive environment that helps students feel comfortable taking risks and asking questions. My goal is for students to become lifelong learners. I will encourage this characteristic by creating lessons and activities the help children enjoy school and realize that learning is important and can be fun. Further, I will do everything in my power to ensure that students are meeting learning objectives, and I will not choose to sacrifice curriculum in order to find enjoyable activities.

Finally, I believe that it is extremely important for me to have a relationship with the parents of my students. I have an open communication policy and feel that it is important for parents to feel comfortable to contact me with any concerns they have. It is easiest to contact me through e-mail at edbeck@lcisd.org.

Behavior Management

I align my classroom management beliefs with the Love and Logic program. It is important for me to use positive reinforcement to gain a child's attention and respect. I believe that fusing love with discipline as well as giving students choices creates a positive environment in which students are better able to learn.

I also believe that consistent routines are an important establishment to have in the classroom. These routines will be followed daily barring special circumstances. Further, it is important for me to set clear expectations for the students. Having clear expectations lets the students know exactly what I expect from them and what they should be doing at all times.