This WebQuest will take you five days in class and at home.  You are required to work on this in class over the next week and complete the additional homework assignments as well.  At home you will need to work on your research and rough drafts as well so you can put your newspaper together perfectly by the due date. 

Day One – Monday
1.    Gather with your group around a computer station.  Read through the remainder of the steps and other parts of the WebQuest. 
2.    Your group needs to pick its roles.  You only have a maximum of five minutes to pick jobs so use the time wisely.  You should work together without arguing and assign the following jobs to your group:
**Editor – Write two opinion articles about The Seneca Falls Convention, one should be in favor of Women’s Right and    the other should be opposing Women’s Rights.
**Illustrator – Find or create images from The Seneca Falls Convention.  The images must include captions that make sense for the picture and go with articles your group is writing.
**Reporters – Two people will each write two articles reporting the facts of The Seneca Falls Convention.  Remember, reporters do not give opinions they state the facts in a clear manner to inform the audience. 

3.    Examine the following research sites to get a basic understanding of The Seneca Falls Convention.  Take notes on important information and people who are attending the event.  Make sure to pay attention to the REASON for this convention.
Homework – See the Class Homework Page
Day Two – Tuesday
1.  Gather with your group, using your returned homework assignments and notes from yesterday review what you learned.
2.  Examine the primary sources from The Seneca Falls Convention.  Take notes, form opinions and discuss with your group what these items mean.  Pay attention to the articles written by people who attended the conference.  Some had positive views and others had negative views.   
In addition to your notes you must snswer these questions:
* Why was Oneida Whig opposed to Women's Rights?
* What was the Declaration of Sentiments?
* What was Frederick Douglass's viewpoint?  Why did he feel that way?
3.  Look for pictures and graphics that may support the style of your newpaper. 
Homework – See the Class Homework Page
Day Three – Wednesday
1. Review your notes and analysis with the group. 
2. Discuss any questions and coments you have about The Seneca Falls Convention and revisit sites if you need to learn more. 
3. Begin writing your articles.  Remember the newspaper article formats we discussed in class last week.  You may work in your group to write the articles and captions for the graphics but each person is responsible for submitting their own work.  Look at the job roles under Day One if you need help.  
5.  When you are writing you may type right into Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher.  Make sure to edit and proofread as needed.  Use your group to make sure everything is correct.  When you are ready to format your newspaper you can just cut and paste your writing into the correct place. 
Homework - Answer the following question in a short essay format.  Why do you think it until 1919 for women to actually get the right to vote?  What other things were happening in the country that may have made Women's Suffrage nor important to government officials?  Use examples from history to support your answer. 
Day Four – Thursday
1.    Finish writing, editing, and proofreading your articles and captions.  Make sure you have correct citations where needed.
2.    Organize your newspaper into the correct format and decide which pieces will fit in the best places.  Work on layout and organization with your audience in mind.  Check the Evaluation Rubric to help you make decisions.
Homework - Answer the following question in a short essay format.  Why were some women opposed to equal rights and gaining the right to vote?  What reasons would they have for keeping their current role?
Day Five – Friday
Complete your newspaper according to the Evaluation Rubric.  Remember to include all the required elements and to make sure there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes.  Your assignment is due on Monday!  Your group has the weekend to complete the assignment at home if needed.  One electronic copy per group must be emailed to me by Monday at 3:00PM and one hard copy per group must be handed in at the START of your class period on Monday.  
Homework - Complete the entire newspaper.


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