All About Miss Clough

Teacher Information

Name:  Miss Caitlin M. Clough  (rhymes with "rough" and "tough")



Random Facts:

I am the baby of four children.  I have a dog named Olive Oil.  I have worked at my local park district instructing dance and enjoyed being a camp counselor.  I also have worked at Chuck E. Cheese.  I love Resees Peanutbutter cups.  My father used to do my hair for when I was growing up.  I enjoy baking.  I have been to Spain and Portugal.  

My Journey of becoming a teacher:

I have never wanted to be anything but a teacher.  I believe that this strong fixation was influenced by my mother who was an elementary teacher.  Growing up, I would spend at least one day a year within her classroom.  Each experience only confirmed my own passion for teaching.  Later on into my early teenage years, I began instructing dance at my local park district.  Having classes of my own, teaching students and watching their progress, I fell more in love with the idea of becoming a teacher.  My senior year of high school, I took a class where I volunteered at my local hospital within the ventilator unit.  I was amazed with each of the patients there.  One patient, Onix, painted with her mouth.   Onix constantly wanted to know what I was planning to study in college.  I would tell her, I'm going to study to become a teacher.  She was always so happy to hear this.  After asking me this many times, she asked me if I have ever considered teaching special education.  She knew my experiences in which I had contact with people who had special needs and with her, herself, having special needs, wanted me to consider entering the field.  I then talked with my brother who is a special education teacher.  He shared his teaching experiences with me.  Within talking to Onix, my brother, and in reminising over my previous experiences,  it hit me, that I truly was looking to become a special education teacher. 


I have recieved my bachelors's LBSI degree in the Spring of 2013 from Benedictine University located Lisle, IL.   Benedictine University Educators are "effective practioners, committed to scholarship, lifelong inquiry, leadership and social responsibility (Benedictine University School of Education)."  This is my first year teaching and I am honored to have each of you in my class.  I have had the privlege of observing multiple classrooms in various school settings.  Many of my techniques have been influenced by these observations.  

Previous Classroom Experience

Observations within classrooms were conducted at the following schools:

  • St. Lawrence O'Toole (Matteson, IL)
  • St. Joan of Arc (Lisle, IL)
  • El Sierra Elementary School (Downers Grove, IL)
  • Dst. 218, Summit Learning Center (Robbins, IL)

People who inspire me: