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Teaching Philosophy

     I believe that learning is a lifelong process.  I have learned so much from my classes this year.  I wanted to share my teaching philosophy so you were aware of how I try to conduct my classroom.  


 Teaching Philosophy

    Each individual student should be assessed at the beginning of the year in order for the teacher to decide how to best accommodate the students not only individually but within the whole group.  It is important for a teacher to make this initial assessment in order to best facilitate the students in the classroom.  When multiple types of learners are present within the classroom, the teacher needs to adapt their lessons so that the majority of the classroom gets the lesson in its original form.  However, if a student does not understand the lesson, the teacher will have a better understanding of what to do in order to develop their knowledge of the subject.  This is largely because every child learns differently.  It is the teacher's job to incorporate as many teaching styles as possible in the classroom to give the best well-rounded education possible.  For example, by reinforcing lecture with photos, a teacher reaches audio and visual learners during the same lesson. As a teacher, it is my job to recognize problems that students are having and address them with the student privately.  By helping students on a personal level and getting to know them, the student will be more comfortable in the classroom.  The classroom should be an open environment where students feel free to ask questions and express themselves.

        A welcoming environment that promotes thought process and learning would be the ideal classroom.  When students feel safe they are more likely to speak up and participate in class discussion and group work.  By promoting learning in a comfortable environment, students respond to learning in a positive way and are more likely to become life-long learners.  Rules and expectations should be clearly stated at the beginning of the year so students are clear about what is going to be expected of them in the classroom.  By showing students early what is expected of them, the environment will be better shaped to the desire of the teacher. Behavior problems will occur less often when students know exactly what is expected of them. Healthy group learning should be taught and implemented in the classroom as well.  By doing all that is possible to create a good learning environment, students are more likely to learn through group work. When the teacher offers criticism, they should do it in a constructive way that highlights the student’s strengths but also addresses weaknesses and areas that can be improved. This way allows the student to be proud that they are doing something right but also see what they need to do better.

        Another important aspect in the classroom is the promotion of diversity and multiculturalism.  The classroom should be an environment where the teacher promotes the acceptance of students who may be different than the majority.  Classrooms should incorporate students with disabilities and handicaps as much as possible in order to promote the least restrictive learning environment for the student.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to incorporate multiculturalism within the lessons regularly taught in the classroom.  By giving the students knowledge of the differences present in the classroom, a more tolerant atmosphere will be created. 


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