Information Updates

In our classroom, we follow these rules:

  1. Show Respect-
    1. Listen and follow directions
    2. Use nice words and manners
    3. Respect yourself and others
    4. Be prepared with your materials
  2. Be Responsible-
    1. Be prepared with your materials
    2. Keep body parts to self
    3. Follow the school dress code
  3. Give Best Effort-
    1. Participate in activities
    2. Cooperate with others
    3. Work hard and always do your best
    4. Have fun!

What's coming up next???

  • Tests:  Spelling Post-Test: Every Friday

                                   Reading Test:  (no more reading tests for the school year)

                                    Math Test: 

                          Social Studies Test:

                                    Science Test: 

  • Projects: 
  • Class Party:  End-of-the-year party June 5th (Same as Field Day)
  • Scholastic Book Club Orders: If you would like to order online, please click on the link below.
  •    Next book order is due: NO MORE ORDERS THIS SCHOOL YEAR!


*Please turn in your $5.00 for the end of the year party by May 24th (cash only!)

*We will celebrate summer birthdays Friday, May 31st!