Classroom Policies

                      We have several important classroom policies that I wanted to share with you so they are always available to you. 


Homework Policy

Your child will bring home a small book to read each night along with a book log to sign. In addition to the book they will have a small amount of sight word or letter sound homework and a small amount of math homework to cover the concept we are working on in class. The homework should not take anymore than 10 minutes a night and will be collected from the folder on Friday. There will be no book or homework sent home on Friday. 


Behavior Policy

My goal is to encourage every student in my classroom to make positive choices in everything they do. I will use a sticker chart to encourage this positive behavior.  I will also use a sticker chart in your child's folder. If your child maintains positive behavior all day they will earn a sticker on their chart. If your child struggles with positive choices for any reason they will receive a warning first to give them the opportunity to see what they are doing and make a positive choice. If a warning doesn't help then your child will receive a chance to think about ways to make more positive choices by sitting out for no more than five minutes at recess. If the behavior continues then they will lose their sticker for the day and you will be contacted about the behavior. Once your child receives five stickers then they will earn a treat from the treasure box. Every child will earn a treasure box trip at their own pace, but not everyone will go on the same day. 


Classroom Rewards

I believe to encourage teamwork and unity in the classroom that students should all have a common goal that they are working on. I will encourage this behavior by having the class work together to put together a Mr. Potato Head. The class will earn one part for Mr. Potato Head each time they get a compliment from another adult in the building such as in a special class, cafeteria, or in the hallway. This will help the students keep theirselves and their classmates accountable for their behavior both in and outside the room.