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I'm so excited to have you in my Second Grade class this year!!  This is my sixteenth year teaching and my fifth year at Harbordale.  I started at Harbordale in 5th grade, then moved to 3rd grade for two years, last year was my first year in 2nd Grade.  I enjoy helping 2nd graders earn confidence in their educatonal skills.  

This year we will be doing a lot of fun projects and a bunch of work.  So get ready!!  

Here are some things you can do at home to help your child succeed. 

Invest in Flashcards, both addition and subtraction (Target/ Dollar Store).  Every other night, have your child practice with the flashcards.  You can hold them up for them.  Every card they answer correctly, they get to keep in their pile.  I hope as the year goes on that their pile will get higher and higher.  Also, your child can work with their flashcards on their own.  They can sort them by like answers or addends, and practice saying them out loud.      

Next, your child should read every night!!  You can listen to them and ask them questions, like - who is the main character?  where is this story taking place? what do you think will happen next? can you tell me what has already happened?  This will help their fluency and comprehension skills.  There are books for sale that say "I can read - 2", these books are designed for 2nd graders to read on their own.  Also, I would strongly recommend a library card for every second grader!  Libraries give you a vast resource to free books!  

I am looking forward to a great year with you and your child!!