Miss Davis Kindergarten Class



Welcome to Miss. Davis' Kindergarten class.

Projected End of the Year Goals


• Recognize letter-sound relationships • Recognize grade-appropriate sight words • Identify and generate rhyming words • Use a reading strategy when confronted with an unknown word



• Complete and produce patterns • Recognize and print numerals  0-20 • Count using 1:1 correspondence • Count by 2’s to 20 • Count by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100 • Identify numbers before and after 0-30


-Writes legibly • Print correct letter shape, size, spacing, and smoothness -Written language • Express ideas in writing using emergent spelling and known sight words



• Learn about the five senses

• Learn about living things

• Learn features of the night and daytime sky

Personal Skills

• Color neatly  Knows address • Cut properly - Knows phone number • Identify left and right  - Knows birthday • Prints first/last name



Social Studies

• Recognize that every family is unique • Distinguish between the four different seasons • Determine that the Earth is round and is made of water and land • Recognize months, weeks, and days of the year



Weekly Highlights !!

August 10th, 2017


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August 18th, 2017 -OPEN HOUSE

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August 25th,2017 - Student of the month ceremony


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Kahoot:  A fun interactive learning app that we will often use in the classroom. Each child will have a profile an a gaming number that they can access at home for additional learning time! yes http://kahoot.com

IXL:  This school year we will use a software program, IXL, for it's Mathematics component. The students will be able to access their profile at home as well as in the classroom. http://ixl.com


Miss. Davis

Argyle Elementary School