603 Social Studies

Marking Period 4

Current Events due on Friday 4/19. Type of article: world

Read p225-229 in JAT. Copy and answer: What geographical features shaped China's civilization? Due 5-1

Read p235-236 in JAT. Copy and answer: Why did Confucius want to change China? Due 5-7

 Read p241-242 in JAT. On p248 copy and answer #1 under What did you learn? in section review. Due 5-14

Read p244-246 in JAT. Copy and answer: Why did the civil service system favor rich job seekers? Due 5-16

On p246 in JAT look at "Trading in the Ancient World" map. Copy and answser questions 1 and 2 under Understanding Geography. Due 5-20

Read p246-247 in JAT about the Silk Road. Copy and answer: Why were only expensive goods carries on the Silk Road? Due 5-21

Read p 248. Copy and answer: How did Buddhism reach China? Due 5-24

Using the words from your group's work (ancient Greece vocab), write a sentence for each word. Due 5-31

Read in JAT p139-140. On p 140 copy and answer #s 1 and 2 under Understanding Charts. Due 6-4

Who killed Julius Caesar and why? Due 6-21