605 Science

Marking Period 4

In 2-3 sentences explain the importance of the ozone layer. Due 4/24

Explain how the Coriolois effect influences winds. Due 5-8

Explain the trade winds in 1-2 sentences. Due 5-9

Copy and select the correct answer: Which type of clouds are high feathery clouds made of ice crystals? a) cirrus   b) nimbus   c) cumulus   d) stratus  Due 5-15

Read edhelper handout on clouds and precipitation, copy and answer Precipitation falls when clouds get too heavy with water and ice. True or False. Due 5-20

Test on atmosphere Fri 5-24 study review sheet

Complete the bottom of the worksheet. Due 5-22

Study for tomorrow's test

Which type of front may from when cool air, cold air, and warm air meet? Due 5-30

What causes most injuries during a tornado? Bring in a 4x6 or 3x5 picture of a severe storm related to your topic. Due 5-31

Complete graphic organizer on Thermometers. (to be given out in class) Due 6-5