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 I couldnt do math homework because...


Welcome to my website! My name is Amanda Edenholm and right now I am attending College at William Penn University. This website is currently for my practice purposes but I hope to use it as an effective tool in the future.

I am 20 years old and stay on campus at WPU. In the summer, I return home to Washington State. Currently, I am persuing a bachelor's degree, and my major is secondary education with an emphasis in English. I bowl in college as well, and believe that teamwork is very important to learning.

When I get my degree and look for my first teaching job, my ideal classroom setting will be to put students into groups to encourage both group and individual work. I believe that it is important to learn with others as much as it is important to learn by yourself. Most of my assignments may be graded individually but the student may need the help of his group mates to help finish an assignment, like peer editing papers. However, in group assignments, everyone will have to do their part in the group to earn a grade. Parts will be assigned in groups so that no one is left out of a task. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me: edenholma@wmpenn.edu

Thanks! Smile 

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