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Here are some other web sites:                                                               

Crespi Middle School

Crespi Middle School Library 

West Contra Costa Unified School District 

WCCUSD 08-09 Calendar (a PDF File)

WCCUSD 08-09 Calendar, Spanish (a PDF File)


Math Web Sites

 Cool Math for Kids
 Practice, Games, Lessons, Puzzles

AAA Math
  Practice, Games, Lessons, Puzzles

AAA Math, Spanish
 Practice, Games, Lessons, Puzzles, in Spanish

Algebra Planet Blaster Game
Practice solving equations

 Ask Dr. Math
 Questions and answers - good information

Math Arcade (Click on Arcade)
Click on Arcade games (green gobblin)
Good Integer practice, Logic games 
STAR/CST 7th Grade Math Test Released Questions (a PDF File)
From California Department of Education (CDE) Website
Note: Questions start on page 9
2008 Update (Includes actual questions from 2003-2007)