Teacher Contact Information/ Misson for the Class


NAME: Miss. R. Fraone

SCHOOL: Bishop Townshend Public School

CLASS: Grade 7/8

SCHOOL PHONE: (519) 452-8050


 Misson for the Class

The mission I have for our grade 7/8 class is to make sure that everyone is learning in a positive and safe environment. 
I encourage the students to become people of "good character" and to always strive for the best 
possible success they can achieve. 
My class mission is very simple if we can all remember the following: 
 *  Be respectful. (to self, to others, and to others property)  
*  Take responsibilty for your own work and your own actions.  
*  Put forth your best effort always! 
*  Submit your work on time and with care. 
*  Take an active role in your learning.
*  Come to class prepard. 
*  Have Fun!!