Miss Gulick's 6th Grade

What's going on in 6-407?


HOMEWORK  (Additional homework can be added at anytime)

Wednesday 10/24/12: LAL- Summarize Chapter 3 for Wild Man Island,  MATH- Lesson 2.9 all MJ1 pages and study link, HISTORY- Use page 209 in history book.  Decide which Caste System is the best.  Give 3 detailed reasons why this Caste System is the best.

Thursday 10/25/12:  LAL- Summarize Chapter 4 for Wild Man Island,  Finish writing your Speculative Writing Story (independently)  MATH- Lesson 2.10 all MJ1 pages and study link, HISTORY-

Friday 10/26/12: LAL: Write a summary for Chapter 5 for Wild Man Island MATH: Complete packet (starting it in class for review) Might have math quiz next week

Monday 10/29/12: 

Tuesday 10/30/12: