Miss. Harding's 8th Grade (LA) 

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my page. Below you can find where I will post weekly lectures and assignments. If you keep scrolling you will also find the drop box to turn in assignments such as papers and projects. Below that will be a tool called quizlet. Students can use this tool to help them study for upcoming tests and quizzes. Lastly, at the very bottom are some extra helpful links. At the top of this you can find the "About Me" link that will just tell you a little about me. Above you can also find the "Contact Me" section that gives you information on how to get ahold of me as a parent and as a student. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out at any time! 

-Miss Harding


Lectures & Assignments  

Lectures and power points and extra handouts and assignments will be posted here each week to look at for studying or to catch up if you happen to be absent. 

FIRST QUARTER (August 15-October 12)

*Aug.15, First day of school

*Sept.3, No School, Labor Day

SECOND QUARTER (October15-December 21)

*Oct. 15, No School, PD Day

*Oct. 22, No School, Comp Day

*Nov 21-23, No School, Thanksgiving Break

THIRD QUARTER (January 8- March 15)

*Dec.24-Jan.7, No School, Winter Break

*Jan. 7, No School, PD Day

*Jan. 21, No School, MLK Day

*Feb. 15, No School, Comp Day

*Feb.18, No School, President's Day

*Feb. 25, No School, PD Day

FOURTH QUARTER (March18-May 29)

*March 25-29, No Schoo, Spring Break

*April 19, No School, Spring Break

*May 27, No School, Memorial Day

*May 29, Last Day of School






Drop Box 

Here is where you will turn in papers and projects. Visit the link provided and drop your paper or project in the correct box. 






Use Quilet as a tool to study for upcoming quizes and tests.





The following links are helpful tools for you to use.

www.quizlet.com - Helps study for upcoming quizzes and tests

www.dictionary.com- Helpful tool to look up words you come across that you don't know

www.KeepMeOut.com- Tool to keep you off social media accounts while doing school work

www.schoollibrary.com- visit your own school library's website and check out the books!