Week 11

MondayVisualization PowerPointModelingSSRGroup DiscussionIndividual VisualizationTuesdayACT Step 2Examining the Question StemsWednesdayReciprocal Teaching PowerPoint 7 minutesSSR- 10 minutesModelingGroup Listens and visualizes as the fastest reader catches everyone up Group roles 20 minutesSummarizerClarifierPredictorUse the Chart Paper for your book, and a different color marker for your class period. ThursdayACT Step 2: Determine the Correct StrategyBellwork: Summarize each of the 5 (five) paragraphs on page 71 in 7 words or less. (total of 21 points)Modeling: Questions on page 72 and 73. Groups: Passage on page 74-77, including the questions. Using the passage on page 74, and the questions on page 75-77, write the following:1. A summary of each paragraph (5 points)2. The main idea of the passage (1.5 points)3. The author’s purpose (1.5 points)4. Restate each question. (8 points)5. Tell whether it is broad or narrow. (8 points)6. Identify the question type. (8 points)7. Answer each question. (8 points)Individual- Write your answer to the Kap Wrap on Page 79. FridayInference Explicit, ModelingThree Column Chart- Groups
What we readWhat I knowWhat we inferred
 SSRGroup DiscussionClass DiscussionInference Chart Revision