Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements - 4-year, 24 credit diploma for students entering grade nine in 2007-2008 (current Seniors)or subsequent years
Total Credits24 credits16 core courses4 elective courses4 courses in a major
English4 creditsStudents must take (one credit each) English I, II, III, and IV or their equivalents.
Mathematics 4 creditsStudents must earn one credit in Algebra I, a series of equivalent courses or a higher level mathematics course, i.e. Algebra II or a level 3 mathematics course, if Algebra I was taken prior to ninth grade but high school credit was not awarded, as part of this requirement.
Science3 credits At least two credits must have a laboratory component.
Social Studies3 credits  American Government - 1/2 credit; World History - 1 credit; American History - 1 credit; Economics - 1/2 credit
Physical Education/Health1 credit Students must take one credit in physical education with integrated health (HOPE) to meet this requirement. *
Fine Arts1 credit Art, Drama, Music, etc. courses qualify as fine art. **
Grade Point Average2.0000 for all credits earned 
State AssessmentPassing score on FCAT Reading (grade 10)  FCAT Math (grade 10) ***Concordant scores can be used :ACT reading = 18ACT math = 15SAT reading = 420SAT math = 340 
 * Participation in two seasons of an interscholastic sport at the junior varsity and varsity levels AND a passing grade of “C” on the Personal Fitness Competency test satisfies the full 1 credit Physical Education requirement.  Completion of two years in a Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) class satisfies the full 1 credit PE requirement and the full 1 credit Performing Arts requirement. ** A complete list of all courses that meet the fine are requirement is available from the FLDOE. *** Current 9th grade students will take an end of year course exam in Algebra I instead of the 9th grade mathematics FCAT.  The FLDOE will continue to transition from FCAT in mathematics and science to end of course graduation requirements in mathematics, science, social studies courses.  The reading FCAT test has been revised, but passing the 10th grade reading FCAT will continue to be a graduation requirement.