Science Safety Contract and Rules

Our Lady of the Assumption Science Safety Contract 

  • Safe habits protect you and your classmates.
  • Safe habits give validity to your scientific research.
  • Safe habits in the classroom teach safety outside the classroom.
I, ____________________________ (name) agree to: 
  1. Follow all instructions given by my teacher.
  2. Not begin an experiment unless I am completely sure of what it is I should be doing.  If I am unsure, I will ask my teacher.
  3. Conduct myself in a responsible manner at all times: I will do everything I can do to make the lab an interesting learning experience for myself and my classmates.
  4. Not engage in any unauthorized or unsupervised laboratory activities.  I am not allowed in the science lab without a teacher.
  5. Stay out of supplies and equipment not being used for the current activity.
  6. Maintain good housekeeping practices and be sure my space and equipment are clean and ready for the next class.
  7. Refrain from tasting or smelling any chemical or other substance, or placing it near my face, unless I am instructed to do so.
  8. Dispose of surplus chemicals and waste chemicals as my teacher directs.
  9. Tie back long hair, if necessary.
  10. Protect my eyes, face, hands, and body while conducting experiments.
  11. Monitor my experiments at all times.
  12. Notify my teacher of any unsafe conditions (broken glass, a spilled substance, etc).

 I, ____________________________ (name), have read and agree to abide by these safety regulations.  I also understand that I may ask my teacher to explain any laboratory or safety procedure that seems confusing to me.  Further, I understand that if I do not act responsibly, I will be excluded from the group for the lesson.  

Science Lab Rules

  1. Be respectful of your fellow classmates and teacher.  Enter the room quietly, be seated quickly, pay attention, refrain from interrupting others, refrain from disrupting class, and consider the feelings of others.
  2. Be cooperative and not disruptive.  You are expected to actively participate in lab activities and class discussions.  Follow directions the first time they are given.  If directions are unclear, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
  3. Respect school property, the science lab, and the property of others.  You are expected to leave the lab as you found it.  This includes cleaning up after labs, pushing in chairs, wiping down tables, and checking for trash around and under the tables.Accidents happen!  Remain calm…A minor problem quickly becomes a major one if you don’t.
  4. Accidents happen!  Remain calm...A minor problem can become a major one if you don't.