Contact Me

If at any time you need to get a hold of me, I have provided my contact information:

Hours(Confrence Period):




Seconday Email:

School Phone: (325) 999-999 (Ext: 221)

Personal Phone: (325) 222-222 (Emergency Only)

If you want to know how your student is doing in class and would like to schedule a meeting with me, you may email me or call me at the school. We will then set up a time and day that works for the both of us. Above, I have provided the best time to contact me during schools hours. smiley

I will communicate will all parents and keep them updated on how their childs behavior is going by the smiley face reward sheet. This will allow you the parent to have an idea of how your child is doing in class. You can also write a note and stick it in your childs folder and I will check to see if I need to get a hold of you.