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This Week's Theme:



his week we will be focusing on more animal vocabulary through the book, “The Mitten.”  This will carry over the animals we were learning about during our Farm unit.  It will also help us review the winter clothing from last week – which all ties into our month long theme of Winter.

Lots of review of vocabulary and new words to learn!

With the weather changing, please remember to dress the children warmly...it’s getting cold out there...brrrrr!

Have a great week!

...Kathleen, Kim, Jen, Jeanette, Richard, and Jessica...

Unit: “The Mitten” by Jan Brett

Home Activity Suggestions:

Things to keep in mind while playing with your child this week.

We tried the following:

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Vocabulary:  Mitten, mole, rabbit, hedgehog, badger, owl, fox, bear, mouse, snow, boy, white, cold


Concepts:  “T” sound, in/out, cold, tall/short, under/over, white, cold


Poem:                          The Mitten”
                 (to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")

The mitten on the ground.
The mitten on the ground.
Heigh-ho! It's cold outside.
The mitten on the ground.

The (mole) snuggles in.
The (mole) snuggles in.
Heigh-ho! It's cold outside.
The (mole) snuggles in.
(After the last animal, all pretend to sneeze and fall out of the mitten.)


Teacher Tip:   Leave enough time for your child to put on his own pants.  Be patient, but provide some help if he gets too frustrated (but a little frustration is okay – that’s how they learn).



Something new I tried this week:





Cut and lace a mitten


Glue cotton a rabbit


Glue fur on a bear


Glue feathers on a owl


Paint stripes on badger & stuff mitten with all the animals