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About Me

About Me

I am a recent graduate of Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato with my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in pre-primary education.  This means that I am licensed to teach from age 3 through the 6th grade. 

I grew up in Minnesota.  My mom was raised in Harpers Ferry, Iowa and I spent my weekends at my grandparents' house and in their convenient store.  My dad was born in California but raised in Lansing, Iowa where his parents were originally from. 

I have two Yorkshire Terriers who are like my kids.  Jack is about 2 years old and Madden is 9 months old.  They are my terror duo and boys to the heart. 

I enjoy relaxing on the couch with my pups during the winter (as it is usually too cold for them outside since they are both 5 pounds or under).  But during the end of spring, summer, and through the fall, I enjoy being outside with the boys and hiking with them.

Get 2 Months for $5!