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Please make sure you sign the permission slip for the field trip that we are having Friday, April 16th.

Also, make sure your children wear clothes that they do not mind getting dirty.

Pack a sack lunch for your child and remember, nothing can be kept cold. 


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Supply List

5" pointed scissors

200 sheets of wild ruled filler paper

36 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

one set of multiplication flash cards

6 pocket folders 

1 art box

24 pk of Crayons

1 pkg of Crayola markers

2 wire bound notebooks 70 sheet (one red, one blue)

3 pk of glue sticks

1 hand sanitizer 

2 boxes of Kleenex

6ct Dry Erase markers 


Grading System


  93-100   A 
   85-92  B
  77-84  C
   70- 76  D
 Below 70  F