What is this I keep hearing about sprinkles?

Recently, I have introduced the idea of "sprinkles" into our classroom.  I was finding that students were resting on average work at times.  So I decided to use another teacher as a resource and introduce the idea of "sprinkle" work.  When I introduced sprinkles to the students I began by asking them if they would want a burnt cookie or a cook with icing and sprinkles... they all said sprinkles.  I then proceeded to explain to the students that what I want is for the students to add sprinkles to their work.  This means that they need to be adding color, explanations, details and over all neatness.  I have explained to the students that not everyone is an artist, but that doesn't mean that we all can't add color to a picture to make it more inviting.  We are working on leadership both in our classroom and in our work-- this means doing our best all the time :)


Spread the idea of sprinkles at home!!! :)