Course Outlines



Course Outline

The course will cover the following topics (in hopefully the same order!):


Unit One – Space
• How people before us envisioned the Earth
• The Solar System
• The Moon
• Day & Night, and The Earth’s seasons
• Space Exploration


Unit Two – Flight
• The Bernoulli Effect
• The Four Forces affecting flight
• Mechanisms used for controlling flight
• How Other Aircrafts Fly: hot air balloons, helicopters, gliders, etc.

Unit Three – Biodiversity
• Definition of Biodiversity
• Classification Systems; How the World is Classified
• The 5 Kingdoms: Protista, Monera, Fungi, Plants, Animals
• Sub-groups of the Animal Kingdom (Invertebrates & Vertebrates)
• Difference between spiders and insects
• Steps in the formation of a fossil

Unit Four – Electricity
• Standard Electrical Symbols
• Electrical Devices and electrical safety
• Law of Electric Charges
• Static and Current electricity
• Components of electrical circuits
• Series and Parallel Circuits
• Conductors and Insulators
• Magnetism
• Renewable and non-renewable energy sources