What is Energy

- What is Energy and Work?

- What is Temperature and Heat?

- Types of Energies

- Endothermic Vs. Exothermic

Measuring Energy, Specific Heat, and Temperature (Kinetic Energy)

- What is specific heat

- How do we calculate specific heat?

- Understand and be able to use: Q = mcΔT in simple calorimetry problems


- What is Calorimetry?

- Where is Calorimetry in your daily life?

- Understand and be able to use Q = mcΔT in complex calorimetry problems

Phase Change Diagrams

- Understand what is happening in terms of energy what is happening when substance undergoes a phase change

Potential Energy Diagram

- Know the different parts of a potential energy diagram

- Be able to explain what is happening as far as energy goes as a reaction progresses


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