Dice of Despair

Dice of Despair

2 = 25 SENTENCES   

3 = 50 SENTENCES   


5 = 25 COMPLETE DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS (LETTER CHOSEN BY Miss Medina) * Words must be in order!    

6 = DOUBLE OR NOTHING*Failure to comply with consequence will result in completion of the consequence and a detention.

Follow Directions: I realize that following the directions of the instructor is paramount to my educational advancement, and I will work more diligently at following them in the future.

Gum/Food/Drink:  I will not chew gum/eat food/consume a liquid beverage (other than water) in class because I know that it is a violation of Santa Fe Christian School rules.

Hats/Hoods:  I will not wear my cranial covering in class because I know that it will impair my ability to think, process, and comprehend the wonderful and useful information that Miss Medina is providing me in class.

Not Prepared for Class:  I will not forget to bring necessary classroom supplies in the future because I realize that it is highly unlikely that I will be able to do my best and be the best student I can be.

Talking/Disruptive:  I will not disrupt the class or interrupt my wonderful teacher anymore because I do not want to be responsible for hindering the learning process of my fellow peers or causing my teacher to age prematurely. *Consequences will be due at the beginning of the next class period following the infraction.