Literatura - Reading

The primary goal of Reading Workshop is to expose children to a wide range of literature, develop comprehension skills, and to teach students to become strategic readers. 
The goal of Writing Workshop is to allow students time each day to write for real purposes about things that interest them.


 Writing workshop begins with a mini-lesson or focus lesson that directs the students' attention to strategies or skills they need to acquire. Grammar, spelling, handwriting, and mechanics of writing are taught during these mini-lessons.


While students are writing, I meet with individual students to hold writing conferences or meet with guided writing groups to address similar needs.


At the end of writing workshop the students reflect about what they have learned about themselves as writers and a few students share their writing.


Writing Workshop is a fun time in our day! The predictable structure allows me to support the children's work so we can attend to the complex issues of writing. I assess children's work daily and use what I learn about them to address their needs.