ABC Activities

Please do these  2 activities with your child.  Write this into their notebook and return on Friday. Your child will earn a Wow Token!

"s" week
1. Touch your shoes seven times. (While your shoes are on your feet, you sillies!)
2. Count the stars in the sky. **********
3. Draw a picture with a beautiful sky.
4. What kinds of things can you buy at the supermarket?
5. Walk like a spider.
6. Use a scissors to cut out some pictures from an old magazine.
7. Skip around your family room.
8. Listen to a story.
9. Crawl like a snail.~~~~~~~
10. Talk about being safe at home.
11. Make some funny animal sounds. (ssssssss like a snake)

 "a" week
1. Tell your address to mom or dad.
2. Be an artist. Create something colorful.
3. Eat an apple for a snack.
4. Cut an apple in half. Find the star.
5. Make the sound of your favorite animal.
6. Sing the alphabet song.
7. Be an acrobat, and do 10 somersaults.
8. Write the letter A a (10 times)
9. Move like your favorite animal

 "t" week

1. Move slowly like a turtle.
2. Touch your toes, two times.
3. Draw ten triangles.
4. Talk on the telephone to a friend.
5. Make yourself tiny.
6. Make yourself tall.
7. Tickle your tummy.
8. Tip toe around your kitchen.
9. Tell someone your telephone number.
10. Touch something soft.
11. Taste a new food.
12. What time is it?
13. Try throwing a ball as high as you can.
14. Tell a funny story

 "i" week