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Homework is opt to change depending on uncompleted class work, delays, snow days, and illness.
Homework will include any uncompleted class work for any subject.

 Spelling Words, Grammar:  Review from beginning of the year grammar, Sentences, Handwriting , Creative Writing (Journal)


 Essay Topic:

Dream Playground (Descriptive)

Your town is planning to build a new playground, and it is sponsoring a "Dream Playground" contest. Each child in town has been asked to submit a description of the perfect playground. The town will use the entries to plan the playground, and the child with the best "Dream Playground" will get to choose the name for the new playground. Write an essay describing your perfect playground. Include details about what it contains, how it looks, and what children will do there.





 Grammar Sheets

 Essay Due: on Thurs.

 Narrative Elements and Vocabulary

Reading Story- "A Mule Egg"

 (Reader's Theater)

Book Report: Stone Fox - look under link for Book Report

Preform Readers Theater on Thurs. for First Grade

Vocabulary Page

Writing Activity

Comprehension Quiz



 Fractions and Mixed Numbers- Add, Subtract, and Multiply.

Geometric Shapes




 Assigned worksheets and any unfinished classwork



 Chapter 5


Worksheets 7


No homework, unless uncompleted class work



Chapter 13

Comprehension Checks 13 A, 13B, 13 C



No homework, unless uncompleted class work

Vocabulary if uncompleted




Study Guide 5-they keep in their school folder until we complete it together.

"Twins but different"

"Jacobs Ladder"

"Jacob Meets His Match"

"Jacob Comes Back"


Memory Verse

No homework, unless uncompleted classwork


Character Trait this month is Responsibility!!!
Our class cop from Adopt- A- Cop is Ptlm. Michael Lynch from the Monroeville Precinct.