• Homeless Ministry- non persishablefood items, Men's clothing only, Motel/ Hotel size toiletries.
  • Blessing Children in India- Mahima Childrens Home/Orphanage outreach ministry of Suri and Tammy Devaraj.
    Needs: Prayer- They need a new building by May 1. The owner wasnts to move back in and the children and caregivers need a palce to go. Pray for financial blessing (whatever/wherever the Lord leads)
    Donate: small toys, school supplies, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.
  • Drinking soda for pigs-empty  pop cans, risne them out and smash them flat. Pull tabs off and send those in a zip lock bag.
Ongoing Monthly Projects:
  • 50 cents a month per student to support Ibrahim, our World Vision child from Israel
  •  Pop Cans-crushed and rinsed out to buy pigs for families in third world countries. Crush cans as flat as possible please!  Note: the tabs canalso be removed and placed in ziplock bags to help people on kidney dialysis.
  • Canned goods, food items, money to supply the home with nourishment every week.
 Thank you for your contiued support!
You are appreciated!