I will be posting assignments on the website, as well as using the Remind 101 application (free download for smart phones) to update parents and students of the daily work / assignments that need to be completed throughout the week. The students will also fill out their planners daily to help hold them accountable for any assignments they are expected to complete.

If a student is absent, he/she may look on the webpage or the app to find the materials he/she missed during the day(s) missed. The student will have 1 day per each day absent to complete the work he/she missed.

I will be posting PDF files of assignments on the webpage in case students or parents need additional copies. This will also be a great way for absent students to get a jump start on any absentee work.

I will be providing some time each day for students to get started on any work that is deemed as "homework" because I understand the demands on parents and students in the evenings.