Themes and Ideas

Themes and Ideas:
-Set up a farm set for the students to interact with  and role play
-Books: Tractor
-Books: Brown Bear Brown Bear
-Label the classroom as a class (example: What colour is the chalkbard, what colour is the rocking chair,etc) 
-Painting hands (Make two hands primary colours example Hand A + Hand B = make the third hand a secondary colour) 
 -Discuss what animals are in the zoo
-Put students in small groups with sheets that have information on certain animals
(example: have pictures of what the animal eats, where the animal is from, etc...) 
Valentines Day
-Life of a Butterfly
-The Hungry Caterpillar
-Tye Dye Caterpillar (make with water and food colouring, dip coffee filters in the colours and put clothespins in the middle) 
-Explain why the sun is important
-Tye Dye Suns
-Books: The Carrot Seed (What helps the carrot grow besides water?) 
-Link this to plants and how the sun helps everything grow
-Parts of a plant 
-Discuss recycling
-Book: The Three R's, We Recycle, etc
-Make recycling posters 
-Make a space book that counts down from 10 to blast off. Have the book include star, comets, etc...
-Make each student a passport
-Make each student a ticket for an airplane and ask them where they are traveling to
-Song: I've Got Canada in my Pocket
-Have students make their own version of a Canadian Flag 
-Set up a store and have toy money for the students to use (price everything as 25 cents to start and gradually integrate nickels, dimes, loonies and toonies)