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Welcome to Room 46!

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Class Room Procedures:

Homework: Homework is turned in every Friday. I expect everything to be stapled together and in the student's homework folder. If a student does not have their homework they owe me two tickets and will get one back if they return the incomplete assignments on Monday.

Homework usually consists of spelling, reading, and math each night. Any assignments not finished in class will be assigned for homework and occasionally assignments will be given on weekends if needed.

Absences: I need to have a note if you are absent. I will allow you the number of days absent to make up any missed work. It is your responsibility to get the work missed.

Fifth Grade Activities: The students will participate in a lot of great activities this year and in order to keep this privilege they must maintain the proper behaviors in class and around the school. I expect the students to be respectful and courteous as well as hard working and professional. Any student who gets 3 notices for bad behavior will be excluded from the fifth grade activities at the end of the year.

Teacher's Expectations: 

In room 46, students should be well prepared and ready to learn new things. Students are expected to turn in their work on time and take an active role in their own education and quest for knowledge. I think its important for students to understand that they are in charge of their own learning.

Class Rules :

1. Respect others at all times

2. Do not speak when others are speaking

3. Be responsible for ourselves and remember to turn in all of our work

4.Produce professional and neat work

5. Listen to and follow directions carefully


 1. Warning

2. 5 minutes of recess and a ticket

3. 10 minutes of recess

4. Call or note home

5. Visit with  Ms. Cantu