Classroom Information

Do not talk while the teacher is talking
ALWAYS raise your hand
Follow directions the first time they are given
Respect others and their things
Always use "Please" and "Thank You"
No excuses or whining

Positive Reinforcement

Collegiate Cash:
When students are following the rules of the classroom and are behaving as they should they will be rewarded with Collegiate Cash. At the end of each month there will be an auction where students can bid on items. Each month the prizes get better, so saving is the best option!
Paper Clips:
The paper clip system rewards the whole class for working hard, following directions and being good classmates. Once the paper clip strand reaches the end of the whiteboard the class earns an extra recess.
Mystery Seat:
Each day a seat will be selected at random to be the mystery seat for the day. If that student follows classroom rules and is well behaved the entire day they receive 10 CUB tickets. If the student selected at random does not fulfill their responsibilities in the classroom then the mystery seat will remain a mystery until the next day and no CUB tickets are given.
Verbal Praise:
"Great work", "Keep it up!" Students will be encouraged on a daily basis!

Negative Reinforcement

Some students do not respond to positive reinforcement so unfortunately there must be other consequences.
Minor offenses:
1. Warning
2. Check by name (lose a recess)

3. 2 checks by name 
(lose recess for a week)
4. Checks on the board are $50 fines.
5. If you have 3 or more checks in a week a phone call is made home and a referral is written.
Major Offenses:
Students who are aggressive toward others, swear, or have consistent issues in the classroom will be given an immediate referral. Students with referrals will be unable to participate in the auction for that month and be asked to sit out on any fun activities planned for that day.   
When a student breaks the rules...
What are you doing?What are the rules?
What happens when you break the rules?
-Teachers can't teach
-Students can't learn
 What happens if you continue breaking the rules?
-I will lose collegiate cash, recess and come up with a plan to be successful in class.
What should happen next time?

If the behavior doesn't change then a second set of questions is asked.
What are you doing?
What did you say would happen next?