Student of the Week

Student of the Week

 Every week we have a new Student of the Week. This is a chance for your child to shine and for other students to get to know your child. When your child is selected, I will send home a sheet, a week in advance, for your child to fill out and she/he can bring in some pictures of their family. This sheet will also been on the classroom website and a list of a few student’s names will be listed for the upcoming Students of the Week.

Week 1: Miss Povlsen

Week 2: Jacque Norris

Week 3: Jon Summers

Week 4: Ryan Foelske

Week 5: Michelle Welsh

Week 6: Jenny Drennan

Week 7: John Quade

* More names will be listed as the weeks go on.

Please have your child fill out these questions and bring in pictures of your family. Thank you.


Week ______ 


1. My favorite color is _____________.
2. My favorite book is ______________.
3. My favorite movie is _____________.
4. My favorite sport is ______________.
5. When I grow up, I want to be ___________________.
6. I'm special because _________________.
7. I was born in the State of ___________________.
8. My favorite food is ____________________.
9. I have a pet ___________________.
10. I have _______ members in my family.

11. (List members in your Family)____________________________________________