February 2011

For the month of February:


In Writing, we will be focusing on the history of Valentine's Day, cupid, love, and friendship. 

In Math, we are continuing to work on counting money, adding money, and writing cents using decimals. 

In Reading, we continue to use the reading program, Reading is Fun, students will learn a new Word of the Day each day and a new Sentence of the Week about every 2 weeks. Students are tested, at the end of each week, on their 5 individual Sight Words.

  * click on this link to go to spellingcity.com where your child can practice the WOTD or find your childs' Sight Words:    



Word of the Day (WOTD) for February 15, 2011

1. school

2. some

3. that

4. say

5. toys

6. too 

7. now

8. one

9. white

10. laugh


Sentence of the Week (SOTW):

              Some toys at school make me laugh.